eFoodLite – Introduction to Basic Food Safety

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About the Training

Are you looking for a basic food safety training course for your students? Our eFoodLite program is an introductory 6-part video training series that covers all the basics of Food Safety. The program takes approximately 45 minutes to complete. Each video ranges from 2 to 8 minutes in length and is followed by a brief 4 to 8 question end of chapter quiz. Students must pass each quiz with at least a 75% or better before moving on to the next chapter.

After a student has completed all 6 sections, they can download a certificate of completion to show they successfully completed the eFoodLite Basic Food Safety program.

Covered Topics:

This series will cover essential elements that food workers need to know to keep food and patrons safe. We will demonstrate safe food handling techniques, and even speak with some industry experts about proper food handling and why it is important.

  • The Importance of Food Safety
  • Health and Hygiene
  • Temperature Control
  • Cross Contamination
  • Cleaning and Sanitizing
  • Food Worker’s Top 10 for Protecting the Public

Getting Started
  1. To start training, send your students to the following URL: cafoodhandlers.com/schools/lite-program . Or, have them select eFoodLite - Students under the Resources tab at the top of our home page: www.cafoodhandlers.com
  2. Then, direct them to click the “Get Started” button on the right side of the page.
  3. Each student will need to enter their name before clicking “Start Training" to begin.

Please Note:
  • This program is NOT to be confused with our ANSI National Accreditation Board – Accredited Basic Food Safety Couse available in the paid packages.
  • The certificate printed at the end of this training is NOT a valid food handler’s certificate to meet state or regulatory requirements. You must upgrade to one of our paid programs for students to earn an ANSI National Accreditation Board-Accredited food handler’s certificate.
  • The 6-part video series is hosted on You Tube. If your school does not allow student’s access to You Tube, we also offer a text version of the content. A link for this is located below the videos within each of the 6 parts.

How to Upgrade Training Packages:

To check out our different upgraded training options and packages please visit https://www.efoodhandlers.com/eFoodSchools/#pricing-options.

If you are interested in signing your students up for our any of our Basic, Standard or Premium ANSI National Accreditation Board-Accredited Course options, visit b2b.efoodhandlers.com/BAQSA.aspx to create your own business account and to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions:
  • Q: How long is the course?

    A: The 6-part video series totals about 30 minutes in length and each training section is followed by 4-8 multiple choice quiz questions. The entire training program should take on average of 40-60 minutes to complete.

  • Q: Can a student pick up where they left off in a prior training session?

    A: Unfortunately, this program WILL NOT save student progress. However, a student can by-pass the videos and simply take and pass the quiz questions to progress to where they left off in the training.

  • Q: Is this course the same as the ANSI National Accreditation Board-Accredited version?

    A: No. The eFoodLite program should be considered a precursor program to the more in-depth ANSI National Accreditation Board-Accredited Basic Food Safety Course offered on our website.

  • Q: Do I have to pay for the eFoodLite Course?

    A: Nope! Our eFoodLite program is completely FREE.

  • Q: As a teacher, can I access records of my students to see who has completed the training?

    A: Our eFoodLite program does not store student data. However, we have added a certificate of completion to the end of the training that your students can save and print out as proof they completed the course.

  • Q: Where can my students access the eFoodLite course?

    A: You can have them click on the Schools tab at the top of our main website and then scroll down to the eFoodLite section and click GET STARTED. Or you can send them this link www.cafoodhandlers.com/schools/lite-program.

  • Q: Can a student retroactively change the name they entered when beginning the program?

    A: The name the student enters when they begin their training will be the name printed on the certificate of completion when they pass all 6 sections. There is unfortunately no way to change the name provided by the student without at least retaking the eFoodLite quizzes in an entirely new training session.

  • Q: What if our school has blocked access to all YouTube videos?

    A: If your IT department has the ability to whitelist URLs, below you will find a document with all of our Youtube Training video links that you can provide to them. Alternatively, if whitelisting is not an option, below you will also find a PDF print out with all of our the video transcripts. Simply instruct your students to read through the material before taking each end of chapter quiz.

  • Q: As the teacher, is there a way for me to verify that all my students have completed the training?

    A: The only way to verify if a student has completed the efoodLite program will be by the certificate of completion they print out at the end of the 6-part training series. After a student has closed out of their web browser session, there is unfortunately no way to go back and retrieve the certificate of completion retroactively without retaking the course.

  • Q: Can a student upgrade their eFoodLite certificate of completion to an actual ANSI National Accreditation Board-Accredited Food Handlers Certificate?

    A: Our eFoodLite program should be considered more of an introduction to the important food safety concepts discussed in our ANSI National Accreditation Board-Accredited Food Handler training program. They operate completely independent of one another. If a student wants to earn their ANSI National Accreditation Board-Accredited Food Handler’s Certificate. They will want to start by setting up their individual training account here: eFoodHandlers® | Food Handlers | Get your Card

  • Q: Do my students have to have access to a computer to take the eFoodLite program?

    A: If you'd like to present our 6-Part YouTube Video series to your class as a whole and then have them take the quiz on paper they can definitely do so. Here are some resources to help you with that: